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Removable Pool Safety Fencing

removable pool fencingA Baby Secure removable swimming pool fence gives you the peace of mind knowing that your little ones are protected from the dangers of accidental drowning in your residential swimming pool.

Our Swimming Pool Safety fencing is a product that blends in with your landscaping and allows unrestricted access to your swimming pool. Each removable fencing system is custom designed, manufactured and installed to perfectly fit your swimming pool shape and size.  

​We design, manufacture and install all our fences in order to assure our customers receive the safest fencing around.

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Removable Swimming Pool Fencing Product Features



Baby Secure’s Swimming Pool Safety fencing is designed to prevent children from climbing over because of its Textilene netting they cannot get a foot hold or firm handrail.

We can also install our automatic self closing gates with Magna Latch top pull locks for added safety and peace of mind.


Our Swimming Pool Safety fencing stands apart in the industry.
We use posts with an exclusive patented design that makes them the strongest in the market.
Our fencing uses Textilene mesh and we WELD the edges instead of sewing them.

Our Textilene® mesh offers over 99% transparency and wont stretch, shred or tear. It lets the air through and it won't become opaque from hard water exposure, like glass fences do.

Heights & Colours

Baby Secure swimming pool fences come in 1 meter or 1.22 meters height.
(1.22 meters is a special order and can take 4 weeks to install)

The fencing comes in black, grey, green or beige, in the UAE market we find that grey or beige suits the landscaping best.


Baby Secure swimming pool fencing is a modular system, so it can be taken down by sections or completely in under two minutes.
You can also open one or several gates up to two meters wide, to ensure an unrestricted access to the swimming pool.


Our technicians use a specially designed diamond core drill and they drill a hole every meter on the floor where the polyvinyl sleeves will be inserted. Then the posts that support the mesh are inserted in the sleeves.

If you want to remove your fence you may cover these holes using the color matching cups that come with the fence.

Since the fence allows for one or several very wide openings when the pool is in use, or even easy removal of a whole section in just a few seconds, we recommend installing the fence very close to the water surface (between 40 to 70 cm) in order to maximize the unfenced area so it can be used year around.


Our fences are maintenance free. They do not rust, corrode or decolorate for they can withstand UV rays and the chemicals used in swimming pools. If they do then we will replace it free of charge.

They are also almost unaffected by hard water, which stains glass and stainless steel fences.


Our pool fences can be adapted to any fencing situation, curves, height variations, inclines, etc. and can be reinstalled in case of changes in the layout, floor surface or even if you move to a new home.

Our technicians will come out to your villa to measure the pool fence area and we will also advise you on the safest layout for your pool.


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