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drillingUsing a specially designed diamond core drill, our technician drills very precisely spaced holes on the floor where the polyvinyl sleeves will be inserted. Then the posts that support the mesh are inserted in the sleeves.

If you want to remove your fence you can cover these holes using the color matching cups that come with the fence.

Since the fence allows for one or several very wide openings when the pool is in use, or even easy removal of a whole section in just a few seconds, we recommend installing the fence very close to the water surface (between 40 to 70 cm) in order to maximize the unfenced area so it can be used year around. 

This allows for good circulation within the fence while not taking up valuable garden or patio space for everyday use, keeping children away from the risks of the swimming pool. 

We provide free quotations and the installation is usually finished in just one day (dependent on size). The installation process is very clean and does not disturb neighbors. No impact hammers or other noisy tools are used. Once a quotation is approved, the fence can usually be installed within two weeks.

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